Happy April

Hello everyone!!

Hope you are all doing fancy!!!

Just launched the April Designs for the Monthly Edition Items. The occasions are Guitar Month, Daisy Month, Zipper Day, Arbor Day, and Earth Day. Designs are available on buttons, magnets, and pocket mirrors. And for the first time, there are 2 versions of the button / magnets packs - one has 'Love Me' Daisy and the other has the 'Love Me Not' Daisy.

Also in April news - all Long Sleeve shirts are 25% this month! So grab some while the days are still chilly!

Oh, and I should also mention that there is a Sick On Sin Etsy store that carries some of the same stuff but also some different items - including XLarge Tote Bags and Large Magnets.

Happy February!

Hey everyone!!!

Just wanted to let you know about February Goodness happening at Sick On Sin!

  • The February designs for the Monthly Series items have launched and include a cute Groundhog, a sad Tooth, a sexy Snake, a little Rat and a simple Heartbeat. I'm not sure which one is my favourite...I think maybe the Groundhog, though the Snake totally makes me giggle!

  • Love is in the air, so any of our items that involve a 'heart' is on sale. This includes things like the I Love Zombies tees! 

  • Special Valentine's Day  3-Pack Panties Promotion – pick any 3 pairs of undies you want for $28. Undies are regularly $12 each so get 3 and save $8!

  •   Hoodies are on sale for $40! Selling Hoodies seem especially fitting at the moment as there is currently a nice blizzard happening outside Sick On Sin Headquarters.  Weee!!!

Hope you are all enjoying 2008 so far!


Limited Edition Cuteness!

Hi everyone!

Happy New Year!!! Hope 2008 has been lots o' funtimes so far!

Just wanted to let you know that I added some new goodies to the store. First is the new limited edition items. Each month I will be releasing a button pack, magnet set and pocket mirrors which feature designs that are inspired by 'occasions' happening that month. Once the month is done - they'll be removed from the store.

Here are January designs. I love them!!!!

- 2 squirrels hi-fiving (Squirrel Appreciation Day)
- 2 zombies hugging (National Hugging Day)
- Birds (National Bird Day)
- Cheshire Cat (Lewis Carroll's bday)
- "I Win At Life" (Celebration of Life Day)


Also new is the Icy Friends Button Pack (series B) which features Polar Bear, Walrus and Ermine. CUTE! Oh, annnnd all women tanks are on sale this month for $14!



Just wanted to let everyone know that I've finally added HOODIES! Still working on the images for them - but basically you can get any of our shirt designs on a pullover style hoodie. They are of course American Apparel brand and ooohh sooo comfy!

Also for those of you that know any little ones - all the kid tees and onesies are currently on sale.

And of course wanted to remind you that if you're planning on giving the gift of Sick On Sin this year – please order as soon as possible. Mail always takes longer during this time of year and I want to make sure you get it in time! :)

Lastly, for those located in the Toronto area - I will be doing a sale on Saturday November 17 with a bunch of amazing local designers. Not only will there be goodies to buy but also girls in undies serving cupcakes (if that isn't reason to check it out - what is!). Get all the details here!!

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Hey everyone!

Just wanted to let my local friends (e.g. Toronto-area) know that Sick On Sin will be at The Clothing Show this weekend. If you plan on attending the show, please come by Booth 723 and say hi to us!! :D

K - got to get back to making shirts. MAD LAST MINUTE PANIC!!!

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Just a reminder - today is the last day to take advantage of the Free Shipping promo (when you spend over $30) at Sick On Sin.

Also - if any of you use Facebook, there is a Sick On Sin group. Feel free to join and post photos of you showing off the goods! HAHAHAHAHA

Happy Easter / long weekend everyone!

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Thanks everyone who posted responses to my last entry! Very interesting suggestions! I think I have decided on the designs I'll get done. I am not going to spill ALL the beans, but here are a few of the ones planned:  monkey, raven, and squid. There will also be a few brand NEW designs which I am so excited about!  Hopefully will have the new shirts on the site by mid-May.

In other news - I just put all the Kid Tees on sale for $15 until April 1.  And I added infant sizes to the options so if you know any babies (or babies on the way), it's a good time to grab some shirts!

Hope everyone had a great weekend! The majority of mine was spent getting all my receipts and crap in order for taxes. I totally wasn't organized in 2006 and didn't record all my expenses and what not throughout the year. So now I have a year's worth of stuff to do. Waaa. Hopefully that will drive me to be a little better this year. :S